Spoked LLC is bringing mountain bike coaching to the Southeast! With a focus on women's-only camps, one-on-one and group clinics for anyone who needs a little refinement in their skills, Spoked is all about getting YOU stoked on mountain biking!

The Mission

Spoked offers authentic instruction that fuels a passion for mountain biking. Mountain biking is about so much more than conquering gnarly terrain, it is about conquering your own self-doubt. The mission is simple: to cultivate a community where everyone is encouraged and given the tools to accomplish their goals—big and small. At the heart of Spoked is a soul that lives for days in the saddle, tires tracking on hero dirt, fresh air, freedom, and sharing the love of two wheels with others. With experience and understanding, Spoked coaching offers an inclusive mountain biking experience.

I feel so much more in control. My times are improving, too! Again, thank you for the psyche, the inspiration and the boost I needed to grow some confidence out there!
— Natalia, Beech Mountain Downhill Clinic Participant